Is Firetree Chocolate vegan?

Is Firetree Chocolate vegan - is a question we get asked a lot. 

The good news is that the answer is YES.

The Firetree collection consists of seven core bars and seven limited-edition guest bars – including our two new coffee bars – all are created from single estates on remote South Pacific volcanic islands. Add to that, our premium cooking chocolate trio, for professional and home cooks - and newly launched volcanic hot chocolate range.

Whatever the form, all of our sustainably-sourced chocolate contains no added flavourings - which people find hard to believe - and our entire collection is dairy-and-nut-free, 100% vegan friendly and produced in a gluten-free factory.

We hold 29 International Awards - and counting - for the taste of our chocolate – and have recently been named one of the top 17 chocolatiers in the world by So, you can be assured that by choosing Firetree's 100% vegan chocolate collection, being plant-based needn't mean giving up the best things in life.

But I only like vegan milk chocolate…

It’s time for lovers of plant-based milk chocolate to rejoice, as THREE recent additions to our volcanic collection are created using a 100% vegan friendly milk chocolate alternative. What’s more, they are nut-free – unlike many other plant-based milk chocolates which are created using nut-based alternatives. We wouldn't want the milk chocolate lovers to miss out on chocolate that has been rated as some of the best in the world, after all...

First up, Firetree's Oat Bar. Our expert Chocolate Maker has seamlessly melded the smooth, buttery richness of toasted gluten-free oats with our award-winning Solomon Islands volcanic chocolate to create Firetree’s first ever plant-based alternative to milk chocolate.

This creamy, indulgent bar is perfect for lovers of milk chocolate who still want to enjoy the taste sensation that only volcanic chocolate can bring to proceedings. Here's what our Chocolate Maker, Martyn O’Dare, has to say on Firetree's limited-edition Oat Bar...

"We knew our Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands dark chocolate was just too delicious not to have a product for people who like lighter, creamier tasting chocolate, so with a flourish of inspiration and a lot of trial, 'Oat' was born. A true combination of chocolate and toasted oat flour refined and conched just like all of our chocolates."


After the success of our 100% vegan Oat bar with customers, we went on to launch our Oat Cappuccino bar in July 2022. Our latest Innovations bar contains our award-winning rich volcanic chocolate from the Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal, fruity Columbian coffee and toasted, gluten-free oats. All three elements marry perfectly to create a decadently creamy plant-based cappuccino bar. It’s a must for vegan and allergen-free lovers of coffee and chocolate.


And for fans of hot chocolate, our popular Oat milk bar has been made into our plant-based Oat Milk Hot Chocolate. The creamy richness provides a perfectly indulgent hot chocolate. Packed in a compostable, re-sealable pouch, this 245g of luxury plant-based milk hot chocolate is the perfect gift for friends, family or just for you. 


So, whether you’re a vegan in search of some of the finest dark chocolate in the world, or want to try the three new and exciting plant-based milk chocolate offerings on the premium chocolate market – it’s time to see just how complex and nuanced 100% vegan, nut-free, dairy-free chocolate can be…

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